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TAG Armored Toyota Corolla

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Opaque Armoring, Toyota Corolla, Camry specifications:

  • Certified material tested by H.P. White Laboratory Inc. USA for BALLISTIC RESISTANCE TESTS is used by TAG .
  • Five sided armoring of passenger compartment using certified ballistic steel plating to defeat high powered fire.
  • Floor is fitted with steel blast protection to protect occupants against fragmentation from simultaneous detonation of 2 DM‐51 German ordnance hand grenades or equivalent.
  • Armoring included on kick panels, front fenders, rear wheel wells, firewall, A, B, and C door pillars and posts.
  • Roof also armored to level B6 at 90° angle shots.
  • Armor consists of welded certified ballistic grade steel construction.
  • Best designed materials and installation techniques are used which permit a significant reduction in cost to the client while maintaining our improving structural integrity and ballistic resistance level.
  • The interior frame, constructed of certified ballistic grade steel, provides overlap and backup protection for the large‐surface principal impact areas such as the doors and windows. It also reinforces the structural integrity of the pillars and other areas that are typically ignored or poorly Armored by other manufacturers.
  • Vehicle armoring is constructed in such a way as to ensure that a projectile following a linear or angled path shall not enter the vehicle’s interior without contacting the armor material. In addition to this, the possibility of a projectile entering the vehicle’s interior due to a ricochet from the armor shall also be minimized.

Transparent Armor:

  • Certified Glass by Germany is used which comprises of, Polycarbonate and Mylar and are bonded together using the latest technology, producing one of the finest transparent Armors available while incorporating the following.
    • Meets or exceeds levels CEN B6.
    • Anti‐spall shield protecting against shattering glass.
    • Multiple impact protection (three shot).
    • Finest optical quality offers minimal distortion.


  • Armor overlap at all doors to prevent penetration through door posts and pillars.
  • Door pillars reinforced for maximum strength retention.
  • Door hinges replaced where required with custom engineered heavy duty hinges.
  • All doors fitted with double looped nylon restraining straps to reduce stresses to hinges during opening.

Electrical & Interior:

  • All standard electrical equipment of this vehicle shall be tested and modified as necessary to protect against the armoring process.
  • All original OEM interior panels and trim.


  • Front and rear discs are replaced with slotted, vented discs for better heat dissipation.
  • Brake pads are replaced with ceramic composite pads.


  • Both shocks and springs are replaced with heavy duty suspensions.

Tires and Run Flats

  • The certified run flats used by TAG have been proven as reliable by clients worldwide in a variety of unique operating environments. TAG Standard configuration includes a run flat installed in the spare tire.

Other Features:

  • Vehicle tire jack, Tow Rope, First Aid Kit, Vehicle Tool Kit, Fire Extinguisher.
  • Ballistic protection for Battery, ECM, Fuel Tank & Radiator
  • Rear bulkhead with view glass and manual lock.
  • Wire mesh installed in tailpipe to prevent insertion of foreign objects.
  • All manuals and written information provided by vehicle manufacturer shall be included.
  • All armoring completed by ISO certified welders.
  • Certificate for all materials used will be supplied.
  • A braking test will be provided after the vehicle is armored.
  • A speeding test report will be provided after the vehicle is armored.
  • A before and after weight report will be provided.
  • A complete logbook will be provided with the vehicle which will include pictures of the armoring process and names of technicians who worked on the vehicle.
  • A parts list will be provided which will include the aftermarket parts used, the manufacturer and serial numbers.
  • The finished vehicle will undergo a Final Inspection Report and the result will be attached to the vehicles log book.

Contact Information

Armored Vehicle Specialist
In UAE. Call 07 2447033
Outside the UAE Call +971 7 2447033

Chassis Specifications

Transmission Automatic
Drive Type LHD, RHD

Armoring Specifications

Standard - Rating: BR6 - 7.62 x 51 NATO

Number of samples required: 3 samples
Projectile Caliber: 7.62 x 51 NATO (.308 Winchester)
Cartridge Type: 147 grain Full Steel Jacket (M80)
Velocity Range: 2690 to 2756 ft/sec.
Number of Shots: 3 shot(s)
Shot Spacing: 4.3 to 5.1 in. triangle
Velocity Measurement Distance: 8.2 ft from Target
Target Range: 32.8 ft.
Sample Size: 19.69 x 19.69 in.
Witness Plate: 0.0008 in. Aluminum foil
Witness Plate Distance: 19.69 in.
Spall Catch Box: 17.32 x 17.32 in.
Test Temperature: 55 -73 °F
Standard Document: European Standard EN 1063:1999 Security Glazing
Source: ISSN 0335-3931; ICS: 81.040.20
Comments: NF EN 1063 August 2000