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The BATT XL is intended for teams needing to deploy larger amounts of officers on scene, or be able to extract more people in certain situations. The BATT XL can make a great armored command post/center. It features NIJ IV +.50 Cal Ball Ammo armor protection, blast mitigating floor, rotating turret, height adjustable sniper step, large HVAC System, Full wall and ceiling insulation package, Emergency Lighting with Siren & PA, Air Ride Seats, and many more standard options. A large list of optional equipment is available for the BATT XL that includes but is not limited to the following: battering ram, hydraulic ram upgrade, gas injection needle upgrade, skip rounds shields, spot lights, thermal cameras, night vision cameras, full radio systems, mast cameras, 4x4 upgrade, Complete Off Road Package, high intensity driving lights, IR Lights, Scene Lights, Back Up cameras, Power Inverter, Generator, customized cabinetry, shield hooks, ram holders, additional side door, Medic Kit with Litter, SCBA Systems, CBRN Packages, and many more.

Contact Information

Armored Vehicle Specialist
In UAE. Call 07 2447033
Outside the UAE Call +971 7 2447033

Chassis Specifications

Engine 300 + HP Diesel Engine
Transmission Automatic
Drive Type 4x2 with Optional 4x4 Pkg

Armoring Specifications

Standard - Rating: BR6 - 7.62 x 51 NATO

Number of samples required: 3 samples
Projectile Caliber: 7.62 x 51 NATO (.308 Winchester)
Cartridge Type: 150 grain Full Copper Jacket steel hard core
Velocity Range: 2657 to 2723 ft/sec.
Number of Shots: 3 shot(s)
Shot Spacing: 4.3 to 5.1 in. triangle
Velocity Measurement Distance: 8.2 ft from Target
Target Range: 32.8 ft.
Sample Size: 19.69 x 19.69 in.
Witness Plate: 0.0008 in. Aluminum foil
Witness Plate Distance: 19.69 in.
Spall Catch Box: 17.32 x 17.32 in.
Test Temperature: 55 -73 °F
Standard Document: European Standard EN 1063:1999 Security Glazing
Source: ISSN 0335-3931; ICS: 81.040.20
Comments: NF EN 1063 August 2000
Note: A test sample must pass all parts of a particular standard. i.e. part 1, part 2, etc...